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This place is absolutely splendid. Love the chicken

Paul, 22 Jul 2021

Always love food from here, never disappoint :)

Jessica, 16 Jul 2021

Always very impressed and recommend to friends and family.

Daniel, 15 Jul 2021

Very good food , customer service was excellent

Donovan, 09 Jul 2021

Forgot fries! Again something wrong with the order when delivered.

Maria, 09 Jul 2021

Very nice

Donovan, 09 Jul 2021

My food is now also late.

L, 02 Jul 2021

My food is now also late.

L, 02 Jul 2021

Not happy with the delivery fee! Not ordering again.

L, 02 Jul 2021

Why is delivery four pound when I live 5 minutes away

Kayne, 28 Jun 2021

£8.00 delivery is a bit steep, hadn’t realised till it was too late. Let’s hope the food is up to scratch .

Nadia, 24 Jun 2021

Good food

Donovan, 21 Jun 2021

The food was wrong, asked for no salad on one of the wraps and it came with onion, and the other had added peppers which wasn’t asked for. We are also missing one of the drinks. Tried to call and explain but they put the phone down, multiple times.

Charlie Taylor, 20 Jun 2021

We pre order food to get order on time, order for 18.05 food arived 18.50!!! I will never order again.

Magdalena, 18 Jun 2021

Ordered butterfly chicken and it gave me food poisoning do not order from this place

Bessie, 10 Jun 2021

£4 delivery fee is way too expensive, foods nice

Jordan, 09 Jun 2021

Over priced and average food lamb doner wasn't nice and sweet weird mix sizzler I would say halfer portion and beef looked black not nice not ordering again.

Maratab Ali, 28 May 2021

Ordered food for the first time but am afraid it's gonna be the last! Placed an order for a burger, wrap, pitta and peri chicken and comes with no salad! Fries were missing from the meal and no sauces yet on the menu it states it comes with x y and z. The food wasn't even all that, it was cold and not cooking properly. When you call to explain the order was wrong or summat is missing, I got told they have no drivers! Lol! That's not my problem but never again!!!

Ash, 22 May 2021

The whole chicken way too salty.

Pipa, 18 May 2021

Forgot drink! Always something wrong with the order when delivered, very annoying

Clare, 09 May 2021


Not very nice cold chips greasy kebab also chicken wings needed more cooking

Mia, 09 May 2021


Jessica, 30 Apr 2021


Daina, 28 Apr 2021

Great food and service

Adam, 25 Apr 2021


Onion rings under cooked . under cooked chips very small in size kebab also looks pale . wont be ordering again

Aandy, 24 Apr 2021

I would be good if the spicy rice fills th container and not halved. The amount has been reduce in the last few deliveries I have received.

Gillian, 22 Apr 2021