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Order was Wrong again! The kebab came with no salad When I asked for Lettuece, Cucumber and Onion I never asked for sauce The Kebab was Covered In Chilli sauce And not pots of sauce for my strips Terrible service Didn't even follow simple instructions

Laine, 19 Sep 2020

Wouldn’t go anywhere else

Rachel, 18 Sep 2020

Very tasty, and great service.

Alex, 18 Sep 2020

Way too slow on the delivery

Natalia, 18 Sep 2020

Absolutely furious, we order from Grizzilla most weekends, and 3 weeks in a row the order was wrong, so the 3rd time I complained they said really sorry next week we will give you 40% discount off your order I'll pop a note in the till, so I thought OK that's fair. Next week came so I ordered and mentioned the 40% to the person taking the order, they said we don't do that, I said last week I was told as I would get 40% off due to your errors, he said I can call my manager in 2 hours, I just despair I really do, now for the sake of £8 I would never use this place again and wouldn't recommend it to friends and family extremely disappointed and seems to have gone downhill recently looking at all the Google reviews, with some customers mentioning poor food hygiene, and distasteful finds in the food, VERY DISAPPOINTED AND A SHOCKING WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS.

Jay, 17 Sep 2020

Still no response regarding my complaint

Stephanie Hall, 14 Sep 2020

After placing a order via just eat, I ask for on onions on my kebab. After receiving it I noticed it was covers in onions, I rang and was told a new one would be sent out... over 1hr later and no one has been sent out, after spending £20 on food it isn’t very good service and the man I spoke to couldn’t even aplogise, this is the last time I will order from you, there is no customer service at this place at all!!

Stephanie Hall, 13 Sep 2020

Very gud service

Aziem, 11 Sep 2020

I've just ordered which turned up late ordered 5 chicken wings, which aren't wings at all good arrived late I keep giving grizilla chances and you keep messing up cheers

Jack, 11 Sep 2020

Love it

Sidrah, 11 Sep 2020


Nazia, 13 Jul 2020


Nazia, 13 Jul 2020

Very nice

Ian, 13 Jul 2020

Cant fault them. ordered 3 times this week

Derby, 10 Jul 2020

I live in a block of flats and have a baby so the driver will have to come up

Nathan, 09 Jul 2020

Everything is well cooked and tasty. Best takeaway I've had in a long time. Thanks guys!

Gregory, 17 Nov 2019

Good all over good need fresh naan

Ravinder, 16 Nov 2019

Good food but need to do some work on it. Need fresh naan or give good quantity . All over good

Ravinder, 16 Nov 2019

Eceptionalist hounored undisputed with kin regads ADY UXSEFF

Aleyex Neon Cklaarks Saabdeejayszzaaqjrars, 13 Nov 2019

Food is amazing

Angela, 14 Oct 2019

Sweet chilli tip please

Liam, 13 Oct 2019

10/10 would use again!

Adam, 06 Sep 2019


Adam, 06 Sep 2019

delivery way too long

Becky Walsh, 04 Sep 2019

Top notch food eat here almost weekly

Kieran, 02 Sep 2019

Very good

Noname, 26 Aug 2019