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Forgot drink! Always something wrong with the order when delivered, very annoying

Clare, 09 May 2021


Not very nice cold chips greasy kebab also chicken wings needed more cooking

Mia, 09 May 2021


Jessica, 30 Apr 2021


Daina, 28 Apr 2021

Great food and service

Adam, 25 Apr 2021


Onion rings under cooked . under cooked chips very small in size kebab also looks pale . wont be ordering again

Aandy, 24 Apr 2021

I would be good if the spicy rice fills th container and not halved. The amount has been reduce in the last few deliveries I have received.

Gillian, 22 Apr 2021

Always great food and service

Nadia, 22 Apr 2021


Lucky, 16 Apr 2021

Always good. We order for the whole office and it is always on time and always gets good remarks.

Michael, 16 Apr 2021

Tasty food. Nice Staff. What's more to say!

Andrew, 12 Apr 2021

Better than nandos in my opinion... Chicken is grilled with crispy perfection!

Tyla, 10 Apr 2021

Food is unreal

Matt, 09 Apr 2021


Adil, 06 Apr 2021


Adil, 06 Apr 2021

I use to order from here all the time, and all the chicken always taste perfect! But unfortunately this time the chicken isn't what it use to be like, taste different, looks different! The grilled chicken was good like always. Delivery service was too

Reuben, 04 Apr 2021

I placed an order I said no sauce in my wrap and it came with sauce chips were cold and I asked for sauce separately and didebt get any I’ve places nah orders and this is the first time its not been good

Steven, 03 Apr 2021

I order most weekends from you and I have to ring up every time complaining about my food being incorrect. I order through just eat and have a wrap, no lettuce and no Mayo, that’s my order ALWAYS. Every time it comes, it has Mayo and lettuce on, it’s overly frustrating having to wait 40 minutes for the food in the first place and then to have it come and be wrong tops it off. I appreciate that it gets sorted most times but it’s every time the order is wrong! I pay my own money for your food, expecting it to be made with care. When I have a request on the order it should be met.

Chaelouise Haywood, 26 Mar 2021

My food was 2 hours late. No one contacted me to let me know it was going to be that late. Not happy at all.

Victoria, 26 Mar 2021

VERY slow delivery every time i order from here!

Naomi, 26 Mar 2021

Usually amazing however been waiting an hour and a half for food, tried ringing but no answer on phone, still waiting now for my food after everyones else has eaten, they ordered from elsewhere and i will be from now on as well, not happy at all and wont order from here again will use monmos like the rest of the family

Noname, 26 Mar 2021

Not great recently, missing items drinks first time, rice second... Live chat said would pass info on.. No idea if going to be resolved.. poor customer service which is a shame because really rate the food!!

Charlotte, 26 Mar 2021


Sohail, 26 Mar 2021

This is the slowest service going and when you ring up all they do to you is lie and say its on its way when its clearly not i will not be ordering from here again i ordered at 5:15 and my order has still not arrived and its 8:15 ? I do not recomend ordering from grillzilla

Morgan, 25 Mar 2021

2 pieces of chicken was raw, chips were over cooked and cold. Had to throw the whole meal which was a shame as we were celebrating my dads birthday :/

Tamzin Bradley, 25 Mar 2021

Has no option for having buffalo, or piri piri strips in price menu.

Marcus, 22 Mar 2021